Daceys Sportsbook - FireKeepers Casino Hotel

Daceys Sportsbook - FireKeepers Casino Hotel

FireKeepers Casino and Hotel - Michigan’s Premier Gaming and Entertainment Venue - Time To Get Your Vegas On.

There are two easy ways to wager:

1. During operating hours, visit one of our Sportsbook Representatives. Check the monitor as you wager to ensure the tickets are correct. 2. Use one of our self-service sports wagering kiosks.

• Restaurant seating for 125 for guests to enjoy the games at the bar and restaurant. Plus a mezzanine with seating for 36 guests. • An excellent menu featuring an array of delicious appetizers, salads, burgers, pizza and more. • Multiple large video screens to ensure you don’t miss a minute of all the action from top games around the country and outside the US. • A completely non-smoking atmosphere to provide a more welcoming environment to our guests

House Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Only on property betting is available at this time.

Where can a wager be placed? In & around Dacey’s Sportsbook & Taphouse, there are three live wagering windows and multiple self-service kiosks.

Can you use a slot voucher or chips to wager on sports? No, wagers are cash only.

If I make a wager on a game and it is delayed due to COVID, what is the status of the wager? Except as otherwise specified, all events must be held within seven (7) days of the scheduled date to be considered “action.” If a football game is canceled from one Sunday to the next, the wager remains live. If it’s rescheduled for a later period, unless otherwise noted, this wager is canceled and refunded to guest.

How do I cash a winning ticket? Winning tickets can be redeemed at the live wagering windows or at a cage location. Kiosks do not cash tickets or dispense cash.

How long is a winning ticket good for? A winning ticket is good for 365 days from the date of the game/event.

Can wagers be made on college sports?Yes. If there is a point spread or odds on a game, we will offer it for wagering.

Has Taphouse changed?It’s just better now. Dacey’s Taphouse will still offer the same great food and amazing beverage selection. We have added a great array of 4K big screens, so guests won’t miss any big game.

Can I get betting or point spread information online?At this time, all odds/point spreads information comes from the large screens in Dacey’s Taphouse, the self-service kiosks or from a Sportsbook Team Member.

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