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Poker Tracking   Software for Bovada   Poker HUD   Stats   Tracking

Check out best poker tracking software solutions for Bovada Poker and learn how to set things up quickly and with the minimum effort.

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  3. Poker Tracking | Software for Bovada While ROW players have plenty of options to choose from, those in the US wanting to play online poker aren’t so lucky. There are only a few legitimate options for US players at this point in time, with Bovada being near the top of the list. However, those looking to play seriously may have their reservations because the situation with poker tracking software on this site is a bit complicated.

If you’re looking for some answers on the topic of HUDs and actual software you can use on Bovada, this article will provide you with useful, hands-on tips and advice on how to set things up with the minimum effort.

Classic Options: HM & PokerTracker

In the world of poker tracking software, there are two options that stand far ahead of the competition. Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker are what most serious players use these days. Both of these programs have similar functions so it is usually down to personal preferences whether to go with one or the other.

However, you can’t use either of these solutions out of the box with Bovada as the software isn’t capable of correctly reading and interpreting the cards information.

To make HM and/or PokerTracker actually work with Bovada, you’ll need a piece of software called hand converter. There are several different options here, some of which are free while others, such as Ignition Card Catcher will cost you money.

As is usually the case, you can go with free alternatives but paid software produces better results and you can depend on it more. Once you set things up, all you need to do is start the card catching software before you start playing and it will record all hands live, as you play them, convert them, and save them to the database of your preferred poker tracking software.

Standalone Solutions

If the whole process to set things up with PT or HM seems like too much trouble, there are also some standalone solutions that work for Bovada. These tracking programs may not be as popular as the two mentioned but they offer a wide array of options and very player-friendly HUDs.

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DriveHUD is one such piece of software that works with Bovada without any complications. You’ll be able to simply start the software when you kick off a session and your hands will be stored automatically without any need for third-party hand converters.

Starting with DriveHUD is easy even if you’re not too experienced with this type of software. There are 12 ready-made HUDs for you to use and the program features a variety of other sleek options such as player badges, custom graphs, and even the Tilt Meter, a unique feature that uses a unique algorithm that tells you how likely your opponents are to going on tilt.


So, if you’re looking to play on Bovada, these are your best options to set things up. It’s up to you to decide which options work better for you. Hold’em Indicator is definitely much easier to set up and probably won’t take up as much of your computer resources. The PT / HM and hand converter combo works better if you want access to some more complex stats and filters both in-game and for the post-game analysis.

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