Poker Player Admits Lying About Cancer for WSOP Main Event Buy-In

Poker Player Admits Lying About Cancer for WSOP Main Event Buy-In

Rob Mercer’s Deceptive Poker Dream: A Shocking Admission of False Cancer Diagnosis


Rob Mercer, a participant in the 2023 World Series of Poker Main Event, received significant financial support from the poker community after claiming to have Stage 4 colon cancer. However, Mercer recently confessed that his cancer diagnosis was a complete fabrication. In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Mercer admitted to lying about his condition, expressing remorse for his actions. This shocking revelation has sparked controversy and raised questions about the authenticity of his GoFundMe campaign and his participation in the poker event.

Mercer’s Fabricated Cancer Claim

Rob Mercer admitted that he never had colon cancer, confessing that he fabricated the diagnosis. According to Mercer, he spontaneously lied about having cancer when someone asked him about his health. He expressed regret for misleading others and acknowledged the negative impact of his dishonesty.

Months of Speculation and Controversy

Mercer’s admission comes after months of speculation and controversy surrounding his story. Prior to launching his GoFundMe campaign, Mercer’s social media posts caught the attention of Doug Parscal Jr., also known as ‘SnoopDoug.’ Parscal offered to support Mercer in a tournament at Thunder Valley Casino in California, but Mercer declined, citing health reasons. Mercer later reached out to Parscal for help in publicizing his GoFundMe efforts, and additional individuals, such as Nick Vertucci and Cody Daniels, also provided financial support.

Requests for Proof and Questionable Circumstances

Doubts and suspicions about Mercer’s diagnosis grew as time went on. Parscal, Vertucci, and others requested evidence of Mercer’s colon cancer diagnosis. In an attempt to provide proof, Mercer posted a self-completed form on, a healthcare app. However, he soon deleted his social media accounts, leading to further skepticism.

Consequences and Refunds

Following Mercer’s admission, GoFundMe contacted him regarding a violation of their terms of service. As a result, the platform started issuing refunds to those who had donated to Mercer’s campaign. Despite this, Mercer stated that he has no intention of repaying the money. He claimed to have an undiagnosed breast cancer condition and stated that he spends most of his day in bed. Mercer expressed remorse for his lies and acknowledged the negative perception his actions have created.


Rob Mercer’s confession about fabricating a Stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis has shocked the poker community and those who supported him. The controversy surrounding his false claims raises important questions about trust and accountability. Mercer recognizes his mistake and wishes he had been transparent from the beginning, understanding the impact of his deception on others. This incident serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of honesty and integrity in fundraising campaigns and personal narratives.