Watch the High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 7 Highlights here

Watch the High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 7 Highlights here

Stacks are getting deeper and pot are getting bigger. We saw several six figure pots and Antonio Esfandiari stacking Jennifer Tilly.

They continue with the same line-up as in High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 6 which goes as follows:

  • Antonio Esfandiari
  • Bill Perkins
  • Jennifer Tilly
  • Roger Sippl
  • Robert Sanchez
  • Bobby Baldwin

Antonio Esfandiari stacks Jennifer Tilly: $305,800 Pot

Jennifer Tilly raises from the button to $3,000 with 2♥2♦, Robert Sanchez calls from the small blind with K♣9♣ and Antonio 3-bets from the big blind to $11,000 with J♥J♦. Both Tilly and Sanchez call. Pot Size: $33,800

3-way to the absolute action flop of J♣9♠2♣, giving Esfandiari and Tilly a set and Sanchez a pair plus flush draw. Robert checks, Esfandiari bets $14,000 and once again both of his opponents call. Pot Size: $75,800

The 10 on the turn does complete some straight draws, but top set is top set and Antonio bets $43,000 into $75,800 and Jennifer goes All-in for $115,000 total.

Esfandiari has Sanchez covered and is still to act behind him. That’s why he decides to not call and chase with his combo draw. Antonio snap-calls and sees that he is a 98%-favourite and has Tilly drawing to just one out. Pot Size: $305,800

The 10♥ is not one of them and Antonio Esfandiari stacks and coolers Jennifer Tilly in a massive $305,800 pot.

Bobby Baldwin gets the best of Jennifer Tilly again: $248,800 Pot

Antonio straddles to $800. Bobby Baldwin limps UTG with 1010, Tilly raises right behind him to $3,000 with 9♥7♥ and Bill Perkins squeezes to $13,000 with 7♠4♠.

Esfandiari wakes up with A♦K♣ in the straddle and decides to just call and Baldwin also can’t fold Pocket Tens. That also lures in Jennifer. And just like that there is a whopping $52,800 in the middle before the flop.

4-way to an interesting flop of 2♠8♦6♦. It checks to Baldwin, who bets $40,000 with his overpair with only $117K behind and Tilly now has a real decision with her Open-Ender. She decides to just call and everybody else folds. Pot Size: $132,800

The board pairs on the 8♣ turn and Bobby Baldwin jams for $118,000, which is less than pot. Jennifer Tilly can’t call and has to fold and loses a significant chunk of her stack.

Bobby Baldwin takes down a nice $248,800 pot by playing his overpair in a strong way.

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