The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 6

The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 6

Krish Menon couldn’t get anything going in until the start of Episode 6, where he hit a huge heater resulting in several six-figure wins.

We continue with the same exact action-packed line-up as in Episode 5:

  • Tom Dwan
  • Jennifer Tilly
  • Xuan Liu
  • Garrett Adelstein
  • Doyle Brunson
  • Patrik Antonius
  • Kim “LetsGiveItASpin” Hultman
  • Krish

Xuan Liu Bluffs Doyle Brunson: $121,000 Pot

Episode 6 started with a bang in form of a stone-cold bluff by Xuan Liu.

Xuan open-raises from UTG with A♣Q♥ to $1,200, Doyle calls from the cut-off with J♥2♥ and Jennifer Tilly picks up A♦K♠ on the button. Tilly makes it $5,000 to go and both Xuan and Doyle call. Pot Size: $16,000

3-way to a flop of J♦2♠10♣. It checks to Tilly, who fires a standard $7,000 (44% pot) continuation bet. Liu decides to stick around with her gutshot and two overcards, but Brunson check-raises to $24,000. Xuan surprisingly decides to see a turn. Pot Size: $71,000

The 10♠ on the turn is a very interesting card as it potentially counterfeits Doyle’s Two Pair and he therefore checks behind. Pot Size: $71,000

The 7♣ river does complete 89, but apart from that doesn’t change too much. Xuan only has Ace-high and has to bet here, if she wants to win the hand and bet big is what she does! She puts a brick of $50,000 into the middle and Doyle throws away his hand after tanking for a few seconds.

Xuan Liu wins a $121,000 pot with just Ace-high and a very nice bluff.

Krish picks up Pocket Aces at the right moment: $131,800 Pot

Hustler Casino Live reg Krish is stuck quite a bit, but then looks at A♥A♣ in the straddle, while Kim Hultman re-straddles to $1,600 and Tom Dwan raises to $5,000 from the cut-off with A♠K♦. What a dream situation!

Krish just calls, which also entices Hultman to come along. Pot Size: $16,000

3-handed to a flop of J♦T♦6♠. It checks to Dwan, who bets $12,000 and since Krish only has $38K behind, this is an easy All-in. Kim calls with top pair and “durrrr” also comes along as he is getting great pot odds.

On the 2 turn it goes check-check and then the K♥ appears on the river, which gives Tom top pair top kicker, but he decides he is not getting called by a worse hand and checks behind.

Krish is turning over the Aces and they are still good to pick up a nice $131,800 pot and gives him a stack to maneuver.

Krish sucks out twice against Doyle: $279,000 Pot


And Krish’s heater was just getting started…

After a straddle from Doyle Brunson, Jennifer Tilly raises to $2,500 with 2♦2♣, Krish with Q♠J♣ and Garrett with Pocket Sixes call. Doyle looks at Aces in the straddle and pops it up to $10,800. Tilly, Garrett and Krish all call. And just like that there are $44,200 in the pot before the flop is even dealt.

The flop comes 3♠Q♥K♦. Brunson is first to act and overbets the pot with $50,000 in order to protect his hand. Luckily for Brunson nobody has hit the flop hard, but Krish for whatever reason decides to shove for $117,000 with middle pair and gets snap-called! Pot Size: $279,000

They decide to run it twice and Krish is a 4 to 1 underdog, but then this happens:

Krish doesn’t sucks out on Doyle once, but twice and gets insanely lucky to collect the second biggest pot of Season 9 worth $279,000. Brutal suckout for the Godfather of Poker, who can’t stop shacking his head.

Watch this sick hand in full-length here:

It was the last episode with this line-up as in the next one Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and JRB are coming back and the blinds are getting raised to $500/$1,000, means we can look forward to even bigger pots to come.

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The next High Stakes Poker episode airs on Tuesday, April 5th at 8 pm ET/2 am CET.

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