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Posted on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 by Poker MutantElizabeth Tedder Wants Her Friends to Experience the WPTDeepStacks Europe WPTDeepStacks WPTDeepStacks Netherlands Season 2017-2018 1B 100/500/1,000

After making the final table in Morocco, Liz Tedder popped up to southern Holland via Brussels to play in the WPTDeepstacks Holland. She made Day 2 but not the money, though she did get a little bit of press on for her efforts. She’s home now (after a stopover in Iceland), despite my entreaty to extend the run.

After Morocco and Holland, is @pokerlizzard’s next @WPTDeepStacks stop…Iowa? Or is that stretching my influence?

— Poker Mutant (@pokermutant) October 17, 2017

He’s a Reporta and a Playa

Hopefully, I’m not blowing his cover, but one of the guys I worked with during my dalliance with poker reporting last year just moved to town a couple of weeks ago. Folks who’ve played World Series of Poker events may recognize Sam Cosby, and you’re likely to see him at the tables in-between trips to exotic locales like South America, Europe, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. Monday, he even came to the home game I started out at (we both busted before the money).

Congratulations to Sam Cosby, winner of the Wynn Summer Classic $50K Guarantee on 6/6, taking home $11,971!

— Wynn Poker Room (@WynnPoker) June 8, 2017

Portland Meadows Freezeout Series

The series starts tomorrow, with a 6-Max tournament at noon, and a Big O tournament at 7pm. All eight tournaments are true freezeouts, with no re-entry, no rebuy, and no addon. I can hardly wait.

The Crazy Session Continues

Episode 4 of the second session of Poker Time is out. I’m not sure if this is the one with Jar Jar Binks.

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

Just a couple of big cashes from established PNW players this week. Tyler Patterson notched 7th place at the Wynn Fall Classic Championship, and Matt Affleck took the first place prize.

This Week In Portland Poker

See the Portland Meadows Freezeout Series info above.

Only a Day Away

  • The Bicycle Casino /CardPlayer Poker Tour Big Poker Oktober is in its final days, The big games and mix games are over, but there are a couple of $25Ks and a $50K (and a Survivor) over the next few days.
  • WSOPC Chicago at Horseshoe Hammond Main Event ($1,675 entry with $1M GTD) starts Friday, with a second entry day on Saturday. You can actually still get a non-stop, one-way ticket for Friday as low as $240.
  • Run It Up Reno, at the Peppermill, has been running since Monday. It goes through the weekend and features Omaha Hi-Lo/Stud Hi-Lo 6-Max ($125) on Friday, a $600 entry, $150K GTD NLHE Main Event with starts on Friday and Saturday, $125 entryPLO/Big O with $5K GTD on Saturday, and lots more. If you want to get down there Thursday, start driving or you can take a flight for about $240. That’s the downside of last-minute travel shopping. Their game placards look very nice.

H.O.R.S.E. Final Table is Set! @untitled2jc@Ezraw0@CougarRadar@jessejcapps in contention! #runitupreno

— Run It Up Reno (@runitupreno) October 18, 2017

  • Thunder Valley Resort and Casino hosts the Ante Up NorCal Classic this week. There’s a $150K GTD Main Event with entry days on Saturday and Sunday, You can drive there in less than 10 hours if you don’t stop to pee (but you’d miss the Freezeout Series at Portland Meadows).
  • There’s another Venetian Weekend Extravaganza running through Sunday. The Adobe MAX conference is in the Venetian Conference Center, so if you’re in the graphics or document industry, maybe you can get your poker junket paid for…otherwise, at least a couple hundred dollars each way. The DSE IV gets going just a week later. The big event isa $400K GTD with a $1,600 entry (running during the week of the Wildhorse Fall Poker Round Up, naturally.
  • There’s a $500K GTD Main Event at the Liz Flynt Fall Poker Class in Gardena’s Hustler Casino, with $100K guaranteed to first place, but the series starts off with a $325 entry $100K GTD on Saturday and a $50K GTD ($300 buyin) on Sunday. The Main Event flights start Tuesday and run through Saturday; buyin is $325. It’ll be, let’s say—interesting—to see what the fallout is from the nearby Gardens Casino messing with their schedule last month when they fell short of a large guarantee. Direct one-way flights to LAX on Monday are still available for less than $100.
  • The Talking Stick Resort’s Arena Poker Room has its 2017 Arena Fall Classic this weekend. Three events with $200, $300, and $300 buyins and a total expected prize pool of about $120K.
  • WPTDeepstacks San Diego, at the Ocean’s 11 Casino is opening with the $75K GTD Haig Kelegian King of Clubs Classic ($300 with addon) and ending with a $200K GTD Main Event ($1,100).
  • One of the closest stops the WSOPC makes is in Lake Tahoe, and that’s coming up a week from tomorrow.
  • Mid-States Poker Tour Denver Poker Open gets satellites going on the day before Halloween (a week from Monday) and a $100K GTD event kicks things off that Thursday.
  • The Wildhorse Fall Poker Round Up has $40K added to the prize pool, starts 2 November, and runs runs 11 days.

  • The LA Poker Open has 17 days of play at the Commerce Casino starting 3 November..

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

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Posted on Saturday, 14 October 2017 by Poker Mutant- Email

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Posted on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 by Poker MutantFor some of us, part of the allure of poker is the potential of going someplace more exotic than Las Vegas, funding our travel with our winnings or at least giving us an excuse to go somewhere, whether that’s a poker cruise or, in my case, Dublin or Prague (still working on those).

Newberg’s Liz Tedder (Brandenburg) took a little trip to Morocco for some sun and surf, plus a little poker at the WPTDeepstacks Marrakech, where she did more than just add a couple of new flags to her long list of US cashes at Hendon Mob. She min-cashed a preliminary tournament, then went on to the final table of the Main Event, the only US player to cash in the field of 433 mostly-European entrants.

Elizabeth Tedder Mixes Vacation With WPTDS Marrakech WPTDeepStacks WPTDeepStacks Marrakech Season 2017-2018 2 1,000/4,000/8,000

Up over a million chips near the beginning of Day 3 (Sunday) with just 16 players left, Liz had a bit of a setback when her kings were cracked, but she held on through three more hours, to make it to ninth place. You can watch the WPT stream of the final table on Twitch, and if you don’t mind listening to French commentary, Liz is on much of the Day 3 coverage from co-sponsor PMU.

The Poker Mutant happened to notice that WPTDeepstacks had an event starting this week in Holland…

All aboard the train plane.

You Might Call It the “Poker Mutant” Series

Announced just after last week’s Planner went up, Portland Meadows has four days of freezeouts beginning next Thursday, with a 6-Max and Big O. There’s a Bounty tournament (with half the buyin going toward the bounty) and a $300 entry High Roller, plus two Survivor tournaments to cap things off (it’s not explicit on the announcement, but a $145 entry Survivor will pay about $1,450 to 10% of the entries, depending on how the 10% is rounded). You know i love a Survivor.


It seems like good poker-related news is hard to find sometimes, but the Southern Oregon poker community came together Sunday at Southern Oregon Poker Club in Medford to raise money for Dustin Ferreira, who needs a new wheelchair and an accessible van.

It’s Always Time for PokerTime

More episodes from Grant and Jonathan.

Heads Up At The Game

They didn’t get a full bracket at last weekend’s planned $500 entry 8-player HU challenge at The Game, but Daniel Ross posted the bracket from the 6 entries. Players went 3-handed after the first round and battled it out for all the money.

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

The big new numbers of the week came from Muckleshoot Casino, as the results of the 2017 Summer Poker Classic. First place finishes in the $500 (chop) and $300 events for Ed Pineda (Puyallup) dwarfed his previous recorded cashes. Federal Way’s Patrick Ngo cashed twice at the series—his only recorded cashes so far—making the unofficial final table of the $500 event and taking first place in the Main Event . Not a bad record. And Sarah Pong from Portland took 5th place in the Main Event to drive her numbers way up,

Scott Clements won first place in the $600 $150K GTD Wynn tournament last week, making him the week’s winner in overall dollars and for a single cash, with Kevin MacPhee weighting the table heavily in the Northwest’s favor with a fourth-place finish. Gennadiy Dvosis (Bellevue) was another player on the leader board who picked up some big bucks with a 3rd place in the Muckleshoot Main Event, along with Nicholas Halvorsen of Vaughn, Washington. Dan “Goofy” Beecher made two final tables during the Muckleshoot series (with three cashes overall). And, of course, rounding out the big money, the aforementioned Liz Tedder rounded out the top-scoring returning players.

Side note: I mentioned last week that there was a ghost entry on Hendon Mob for Joe Brandenburg (as “Joe Bradenburg”); those cashes were consolidated into the right entry and make Joe one of the bigger winners of the week by themselves!

This Week In Portland Poker

Nothing special this week, but see the Portland Meadows Freezeout Series coming up a week from Thursday.

Only a Day Away

  • The Bicycle Casino/Card Player Poker Tour V Big Poker Oktober continues this weekend with a 2-entry day ($1100) $400K GTD. Entry days Saturday through Monday. They have a $10K GTD PLO tournament coming up on Wednesday.
  • TheHeartland Poker Tour Kansas City Main Event has three entry days ($1650) starting tomorrow.
  • WSOPC Chicago at Horseshoe Hammond kicks off with a $500K GTD $365 entry Ring event with three entry days (4 flights) Thursday through Saturday. There’s also a $580 PLO tournament there on Sunday.
  • Monday is the start of Run It Up Reno, at the Peppermill. They start with 6-Max PLO ($150), 6-Max HORSE ($150), and 8-Game 8-Max ($235).
  • The always-buys Thunder Valley Resort and Casino hosts the Ante Up NorCal Classic starting next Tuesday. There’s a $150K GTD Main Event, $10K GTD O8, and a couple of other goodies on the menu.
  • There’s another Venetian Weekend Extravaganza (also beginning Tuesday), with the big event a $340 buyin $100K GTD.
  • If you want to follow in Liz Tedder’s footsteps (sort of), get your surf and poker at WPTDeepstacks San Diego, at the Ocean’s 11 Casino, opening with the $75K GTD Haig Kelegian King of Clubs Classic ($300 with addon) and ending with a $200K GTD Main Event ($1100).

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

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Posted on Thursday, 5 October 2017 by Poker MutantOr day. My admittedly-limited experience of Pendleton (town motto: “Working every day to be the premier city of Eastern Oregon”) leads me to the conclusion that it’s the kind of place where something called the Pendleton Leather Show (opening the first weekend of November) is not a fetish trade show but something that opens at 9am and features “saddle trees, stirrups, fancy conchos, stamping tools, saddlery tools, bootmaking supplies, glue, conditioners, dyes and much more.”

However, we are now less than a month from the start of the biggest poker tournament series in the Pacific Northwest, the Fall Poker Round Up at Wildhorse Resort & Casino, a few miles east of Pendleton proper.

Running a week-and-a-half, and with a total of $40K added to the prize pools, there are 12 events ranging from $125 (including dealer add-on) turbos and a High Roller with an $1,100 buyin, along with two satellites each into the High Roller and the $550 buyin Main Event.

Bucking a trend toward freezeout formats, Wildhorse has begun allowing re-entry over the past couple of years, along with expanding their entry period beyond the first level (any number of players delayed on the freeway for more than a half hour or just used to late entry found themselves at a loss when they got to the casino after close of registration) Not a problem now!

The schedule for this year is practically identical to previous years, with the sad exception of the Tuesday HORSE tournament. It’s been replaced by a Big O tournament which may pull in more than the 122 entries HORSE brought in each of the past two falls, but it’s a downer to see one of the few mixed-game tournaments in the Northwest dissipate.

Rooms on the weekends at Wildhorse are already scarce, though so far there seems to be plenty of stock in town—great if you don’t mind the commute, though it can get a bit wearying at the end of a long poker day. I’ve never managed to cash at Wildhorse, but I’m planning to be out there for the whole run this time around and turn that around. A few years ago, I won a Main Event seat at Portland Players Club and was all excited until I woke up in the morning to a call that my wife had a heart attack at her sister’s house that morning; last year I didn’t make it out because a tree branch fell on my convertible roof the day after the election. So it’s time to get this monkey off my back.

2016 Wildhorse Fall Poker Round Up By the Numbers

Event Entries First Prize Prize Pool
#1 $175 No Limit Hold’em - Fri 612 $18,247 $91,800
#2 $230 No Limit Hold’em - Sat 522 $20,102 $104,400
#3 $230 No Limit Hold’em Shootout - Sun 240 $9,940 $48,600
#4 $230 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo - Mon 228 $10,425 $46,320
#5 $230 HORSE - Tue 122 $6,285 $26,677
#6 $125 No Limit Hold’em Turbo - Tue 161 $4,995 $ 16,465
#7 $230 No LImit Hold’em Seniors - Wed 324 $13,845 $64,800
#8 $1,100 No Limit Hold’em High Roller - Thu 88 $21,000 $88,000
#9 $230 No Limit Hold’em - Thu 318 $13,696 $63,600
#10 $340 No Limit Hold’em - Fri 474 $29,443 $142,200
#11 $550 No Limit Hold’em Main Event - Sat 431 $45,402 $214,725
#12 $175 No Limit Hold’em Turbo - Sat 119 $4,651 $17,957

More Portland Meadows News

Poker journalist Jen Newell is the latest to spread the word on the attempt by the Oregon Lottery to shut down the Portland Meadows with a piece at poker room, Legal US Poker News. While there’s not much new there for anyone who’s been following the saga, it does have a bit more depth and history than most. And I certainly can’t fault her use of a photo that’s actually from Portland Meadows (not to mention tweets from myself and Brian Sarchi).


The poker fundraiser for Medford’s Dustin Ferriera is Sunday at 2pm at Southern Oregon Poker Club. Dustin co-founded a wheelchair basketball team but was hit by a truck in a crosswalk earlier this year and the fundraiser is helping to raise money for a new wheelchair and a van.

Heathman Late Night

According to a post by Erica Sheff on the NW Poker Facebook group, there was some sort of 2am game at the Heathman Hotel Saturday night, but no info on whether it’s going to be a regular thing.

Rialto Steps It Up

The game at the Rialto has moved from 0.5/1 to 1/1 with a $300 max buyin, again according to a NW Poker post (from Sean Dalton). If 0.50/1 is still your thing, Room 52 on the east side will accommodate; according to those in the know, the chairs are quite comfortable.

8-Man (or Woman) HU

Another thread on NW Poker was getting an 8-person NLHE Heads-Up tournament together this weekend at The Game. Likely all the seats are snapped up by now, but message Daniel Ross to verify.

Daniel also posted this great picture from The Game of what he called a “crazy” game…

Omaha and PLO

Palace Casino (or is it Chips?) in Lakewood (just south of Tacoma) has announced they’re going to be running 6/12 Omaha starting at noon Sunday through Wednesday, with Big O (1/3, 5 bringin, pot limit) after 6pm on Tuesdays and PLO after 6 on Wednesday.

WSOP Satellites

Folks are already planning for next year’s WSOP Main Event, and satellites to the big game are running in a variety of places outside the state.

Every Sunday at the Wild Goose Casino in Ellensburg, Washington, you can play a $45 tournament where $20 goes into the prize pool and $20 goes into a satellite pool ($5 to the house). The winner of each weekly event gets to play in the final next May, with the top prize there getting a Main Event Seat and $1K in travel expenses.

Off the other direction at Lemoore, California’s TachiPalace, this weekend is the first of eight monthly satellites with a $225 (no re-entry) buyin and a Main Event seat with $2K in travel costs guaranteed to first place. First Saturday of every month through May.


For the love of all that is holy, follow @ArtySmokesPS.

Pacific Northwest Poker Leaderboard

Lots of action from the Chinook Winds Fall Coast Classic as the numbers got assimilated into the rankings this weekend.

Fist, congratulations to Paul Whitner of Goldendale, whose first cash (2nd place in the Main Event) on Hendon Mob moved him into the top 500 on the Washington All Time Money List. Brian Bowman of Portland has only three reported cashes, but two of them are from final tables at Chinook Winds Main Events. Randall Pefferle of Bend (Main Event, 5th) and Brent Schott (Gervais, Main Event, 8th) were others who made their first cash in a big way.

Toma Barber showed up on the radar ($3K minimum) for the first time because his pre-2016 recorded cashes are under a separate account for Arizona. Always a good idea to keep an eye on your cashes (for instance, I’m pretty sure Joe Bradenburg from Portland is actually Joe Brandenburg). Both of them have more recorded earnings than I do. Happy belated birthday, Joe!

The big winner was, of course, Binh “Jimmy” Nguyen, whose win in the Main Event moved him from 33rd in the Oregon All Time ranks to 29th. Dave Tragethon‘s 3rd place finish moved him all the way from 833rd to 249th, the biggest move in absolute numbers as well as percentage improvement. Glenn Larson was another big mover, though not as a result of anything at Chinook Winds; he took 7th place in the WSOP Circuit Main Event at Thunder Valley, which was good for a move from 700th to 322nd on the Washington money list. Back at Chinook, Eunhee Kim Chan jumped 128 places to 284th with two final tables (winning the Rattlesnake Boss Bounty and 4th in the 6-Max). Brad Press was in a deal made at the next-to-last tournament final table and took home enough to move up to 176th from 198th on the Oregon money list.

Pot That Beach

Eugene’s Beach Poker Club Check out their Facebook postis celebrating their first anniversary on Friday with a party at 7pm. Oh, and there’s poker. for info on how to get extra chips.

This Week In Portland Poker

It’s the first week of the month and that should mean a $20K guarantee First Friday at Final Table.

Only a Day Away

  • The Wynn Fall Classic $500K GTD is this weekend with a $1,600 buyin.
  • At Deepstacks Poker Tour Battle of Alberta in Calgary, there’s a NLHE PLO mix game (C$330 buyin) Thursday at 2pm. Their C$2K buyin C$500K GTD Main Event starts Friday.
  • The Stones $250K Fall Classic is running at Stones Gambling Hall and its $150K GTD Main Event (450 buyin) has entry days Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • The Bicycle Casino/Card Player Poker Tour V Big Poker Oktober started this week, and this weekend features a $245 buyin $400K GTD with six flights from Thursday through Saturday (11am and 4pm each day). There’s a $10K Limit O8/Big O game on Monday at 1pm.
  • The RealGrinders poker group at the Venetian has Big O on Friday, O8 on Saturday, and a $300 NLHE Main Event on Sunday.
  • Heartland Poker Tour Kansas City, is at the Ameristar Thursday.
  • Four $365 entry flights over three days to a $500K GTD tournament open the WSOPC Chicago at Horseshoe Hammond starting next Thursday.
  • A week from Monday is the start of Run It Up Reno, at the Peppermill. They’ve got HORSE!
  • The always-buys Thunder Valley Resort and Casino hosts the Ante Up NorCal Classic from 16—22 October. There’s a $150K GTD Main Event, $10K GTD O8, and a couple of other goodies on the menu.
  • There’s another Venetian Weekend Extravaganza from 16—22 October, with the big event a $340 buyin $100K GTD.

Remember to keep an eye on the #PNWPokerCal Twitter hashtag and the PNW Poker Calendar for upcoming events!

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Posted on Thursday, 28 September 2017 by Poker Mutant- Email

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  • Wildhorse Spring Poker Round Up Full Results

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