The Top 10 Best Poker Tools 2024 - PokerListings

The Top 10 Best Poker Tools 2024 - PokerListings

Poker tools can be a huge advantage when playing poker online. Here is our list showing you the top 10 poker tools on the market in 2024. Cameron Dhaliwal PokerListings Author May 2, 2024 · 8 minutes to read ShareclipboardImageCopied to clipboardfacebookImagetwitterImageLinkedInImageTop 10 Best Poker Tools 2024

Online poker is inevitably getting tougher for players who are trying to climb the stakes. To make that jump from losing bad reg to strong winning reg, you need to put in the hours and have the right poker tools to plug leaks and win pots. Poker tools can be a huge advantage in making your online poker session more streamlined, focused, efficient, and ultimately profitable. A huge benefit to using online poker tools is the way it makes you a better player, by thinking differently, finding your leaks, attacking exploits, and understanding the theory of the game much more.

For low and mid-stakes real money poker players, there can be an overwhelming amount of choices for poker tools. Whether it is the latest software and HUDs or study applications, it can be tough to know which ones are the best and which ones are not worth the money. Here is a list showing you the top 10 poker tools on the market today:

#1 - Poker Tracker 4

Pokertracker For any player aspiring to create a positive BB per 100 hands, you almost certainly must think about using Poker Tracker 4 (PT4). When it comes to online poker tools that track your play, hands and money won or lost, it is hard to get better than Poker Tracker 4.

It competes heavily against Holdem Manager 3 (HM3) and seasoned players will pick between the two, but PT4 has some advantages that HM3 does not. One of the best features of PT4 is the customizable views it provides - whether it is wanting certain stats shown when you play on tables or a specific look at your playing history from the big blind.

The easy user interface and clean look make navigation on the tool incredibly easy, with multiple filters, views, and reports available on your hand histories.

#2 - Holdem Manager 3

Holdem Manager As mentioned before, tracking your hand histories, poker statistics and bankroll are crucial when you play online. The biggest edge you can utilize on the masses is the hands you witness and the learnings you take. By doing this, you can find exploits and leaks in their game that can make you money. In today’s poker world, if you aren’t using tracking software you are almost certainly lagging behind the field.

Some players prefer HM3 because of the ability to see how your opponent’s play specifically against you, as opposed to how they play against the field. This can be a critical and money-making feature when it comes to playing against regs in your player pool. The stats will allow you to define strategies against different players and stay ahead of the competition. As well as this unique approach to players in your pool, it has an incredibly clean and simple user interface that shows you hands, graphs, reports, and sessions in a succinct way.

888poker 100% up to $1000 888pokerVisit Site 888poker## #3 - PIO Solver

PIO PIO solver is the granddaddy of all poker tools that helps you become a more studied and seasoned player. It allows you to study game theory and apply this through an optimal strategy in heads-up play. This is one of the poker tools that revolutionized the game by making players apply a more game-theory optimal approach to their poker strategy.

A knock on the software is the complexity of using it, but there are ample resources available to learn and study how to use the poker tool correctly. You can look at what bet sizings you should take in certain poker spots, and whether you should raise or fold in tough moments which will make you a more rounded poker player when you learn why you should do these things.

By putting in your ranges, you get a custom and realistic outcome for the poker hands and spots you want to study. The main negatives come in the computing power it requires to run these simulations, as it needs a lot of PC CPU to run hands to find the optimal outcome. It is also quite expensive compared to other options, and if you are a lower-stakes player you might opt away from the high cost.

#4 - GTO+

GTO+ Poker Just like PIO Solver, GTO+ is a poker tool that allows you to run game theory analysis in any poker spot you want. The major difference between this poker tool and PIO is the clear and straightforward user interface. You can quickly run simulations and input information to find out the GTO approach to a given poker spot.

Compared to other solvers, the main benefits of this poker tool are the speed it offers, the storage space it saves, and the way it can allow its users to build trees, making the process much easier and simpler. The computing requirements are far lower for GTO+ than PIO, allowing more simulations to be run. PIO might need you to use a huge amount of storage to save your simulations, but the ability of GTO+ to recalculate data mean it needs minimal data storage during usage.


ICMIZER This is the perfect poker tool for any MTT or SNG grinder who wants to become the best poker player they can be. ICM is a crucial aspect of tournament poker, it is where the real money is won and lost and separates the winning and losing players. It can be a big leak for players to make plus-chip EV plays but minus-ICM moves and cost themselves money.

ICMIZER works as a calculator poker tool that helps you make correct decisions from preflop in all aspects of a tournament and every possible scenario. It will show you what the correct push or fold spots are and the ICM differentials for each hand in your range. The user experience is incredibly easy and makes carrying out calculations straightforward.

#6 - Stars Caption

Stars Caption is the perfect poker tool for PokerStars grinders, as it works with the user interface of the poker client to give you a more refined and simple look at your tables and poker games. The advantages of this poker tool are unlimited, whether it is you wanting your opponent’s stack highlighted a different color for their BB depth or to have each player’s previous action listed so you know exactly what happened before your action.

Stars Caption can also allow you to add in more buttons and bet sizings, perfect for the player that wants more than the four buttons that Stars allows you to have. You can even set up your Stars Caption to have preset bet sizings and raise sizings in response to actions. For example, if you are in the BU and the LJ opens, you can have it set to raise 3x, whereas you might have it set to 4x from the blinds.

JackPoker 1000% + 300FS JackPokerVisit Site JackPoker## #7 - Table Ninja II

Table Ninja is one of the oldest and most useful poker tools on the list, having helped online poker grinders for a long period. This poker tool helps you format every aspect of your online poker experience, making it a great option for grinders who have multiple tables running at once.

The base of the poker tool allows you to create hotkeys which can save a ridiculous amount of time when you are playing, meaning that you will never have to lose out on unnecessary time bank loss when you are 10, 12, or even 20 tablings online. You can also keep an eye on your bet sizings and have your time bank managed through the poker tool, as well as organize all your poker tables and highlight when you have an action on one.

#8 - Jurojin

This poker tool is one of the more modern methods of table management. This piece of software is groundbreaking for its sleek and direct user interface and experience, while also being accessible for users to download. This tool allows you to manage multiple tables from different clients in any way you want, allowing you to arrange to tile however you like whether you are playing cash games, tournaments or sit and go’s.

Jurojin is a poker tool that allows you to completely customize the way you play through slots that you can assign to tables, replayers, or spectator tables. You can have tables pop when it is your turn to allow you to remain hyperfocused despite playing a large number of poker tables. Hotkeys and overlays allow you to be fast, and fluid and get data that keeps you on top of your game. An added benefit is also found through the built-in random number generator, great for poker players that want to stay balanced with their frequencies.

#9 - The Poker Strategy Equilab

Here is another great free poker tool that allows you to compare the equity of ranges against specific hands you or your opponents have. You can also put in any board texture you desire to see what your equity is on a certain runout or how it fares against specific ranges. The great interface of Equilab allows you to easily save these spots to use at a later date.

Whilst this may seem like a complex poker tool, it is very simple to use when you learn how it works. It allows you to think about ranges and learn what board textures are good for you and which ones are bad, meaning you can also apply this to your opponents too. The fact that this is a free poker tool means every aspiring poker player should at least take a look at Equilab.

#10 - PokerSnowie

PokerSnowie is a great poker tool for someone who is starting to think about poker in more complex ways and wants to stay sharp by playing against someone. PokerSnowie works by using artificial intelligence with game theory optimal poker to allow you to play and tell you where you are lagging. The benefit of this poker tool allows you to work towards playing completely unexploitable and winning poker, so you can play and win more money in the game.

The negative about PokerSnowie as a tool is the fact that you are playing against AI and not your player pool at the stake you frequent. This means you won’t learn how to exploit weaker players, but instead learn how to play against a perfect player. PokerSnowie is still a tool that is great to learn from and keep growing your poker strategy.

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