Blackjack Master

Blackjack Master

Rating:8.3(1,276 votes)


Released:May 2018


Platform:Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)


Blackjack Master is a browser version of the awesome card game Blackjack. You can try out your luck and card skills and attempt to become a blackjack master and beat the house! You start with an initial amount of 2000 chips and you must use these to place bets against your hand the typical rules of blackjack apply in which you must aim to get the closest to 21 as possible.

Play smart and use as much skill as you can muster to defeat the dealer. How many chips will you gamble? Will you lose all of your 2000 starting chips or can you pull of a series of fantastic wins and build up your pot past this initial value? Have fun playing blackjack today!

Release Date

May 2018 ### Features

  • A fun Blackjack game
  • Fully-functional gameplay
  • 2000 chips as a starting balance


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the left mouse button to play.