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Poker Hands Cheat Sheet   SAFECLUB

Mar 20, 2018 | Hands

Poker Hands Cheat Sheet## REAL CASH POKER

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Standard poker games like Omaha and Texas Holdem, despite having slightly different rules, all use five-card hands to determine a winner. In fact, even seven-card varieties of the game use the exact same hand rankings.

Please note the following card references:

(h) Hearts (d) Diamonds (c) Clubs (s) Spades

With the exception of 3-card games

The only exceptions to the five-card-hands-only rule are three-card poker games that only use three-card hands. Even with these games, however, the hand rankings still remain practically the same. The only difference is that a straight becomes more valuable than a flush in these games because each player only has three cards to work with.

If you wish to learn more about how three-card poker games work, you can play a few rounds for free here.

Now, how about we move on to what you actually came here for?

Poker Hands Cheat Sheet

  • Probability 0.000154%
  • Odds 649,739 : 1
  • Example: Ad Kd Qd Jd 10d

The most powerful straight flush you could build, a royal flush is made up of five suited cards that are also in sequence, starting with an ace as the highest card in the set.

  • Probability 0.00139%
  • Odds 72,192 : 1
  • Example: Jc 10c 9c 8c 7c

The only thing that sets this hand apart from a royal flush is that it uses a king or lower to top the set off. Everything about both hands are practically identical.

  • Probability 0.0240%
  • Odds 4,164 : 1
  • Example: 3d 3h 3s 3c Js

It’s exactly as the name suggests: this hand is made up of four cards of the same kind (i.e., values). But since we’re talking about five card hands, then we’ll need to throw in a fifth kicker card to complete the set.

  • Probability 0.1441%
  • Odds 693 : 1
  • Example: 5d 5h 5s 2s 2c

This hand is made up of two distinct hands: a three-of-a-kind and a pair.

“Kind,” in this case, also means “values,” so the first part of a full house is just three cards of the same value. The second part, on the other hand, is just two cards of the same value.

  • Probability 0.1965%
  • Odds 508 : 1
  • Example: Ah Jh 9h 5h 3h

We’ve already seen what a flush is in the “Royal Flush” and “Straight Flush” sections earlier, so let us just use this section to remind you that this hand only ranks higher than a straight in poker games that make use of five-card hands.

  • Probability 0.3925%
  • Odds 254 : 1
  • Example: 9d 8c 7s 6c 5h

This was also already defined earlier, so we’ll just use this section for a couple more tips about the hand:

1. It beats flushes when you are playing three-card poker.

2. When two or more active players end up with this hand at the end of the game, the player with the highest high card in their hand wins.

3. On the off chance that all the cards of the tied players end up being exactly the same, then the pot is split evenly among all tied players.

  • Probability 2.1128%
  • Odds 46.3 : 1
  • Example: 10h 10s 10c 9d 4s

Also known as a trip, this hand uses three cards of the same value plus two additional kicker cards to complete the set.

  • Probability 4.7539%
  • Odds 20 : 1
  • Example: Qd Qh 4d 4c 6s

We’ve already seen what a pair is in the “Full House” section. Well, this hand just has two distinct pairs plus, as you may have guessed, a fifth kicker card to complete the set.

  • Probability 42.2569%
  • Odds 1.37 : 1
  • Example: Ad Ah Ks 6c 4s

Also known as “one pair,” this hand is made up of just that: a single pair of cards.

Of course, as with every other five-card hand we’ve seen so far, we’ll need to throw in the necessary number of kicker cards to complete the set.

  • Probability 50.1177%
  • Odds 0.995 : 1
  • Example: Jd 7c 5s 3h 2h

Last, and in this case, also the least powerful of all poker hands, is the high card. It’s just a random collection of five cards, making it barely even a hand. It’s something you get by default – just like one of those trophies you get simply for showing up.

Interestingly, however, a properly timed and executed bluff coupled with a bit of good luck could still turn things around for you even if you end up with this hand.

What are you waiting for? Go put this cheat sheet to the test! Start playing real money poker online by singing up for a account today!


$30 flat membership

$30 flat membership

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