Global Poker Review plus SC and GC Package - Pokerlistings

Global Poker Review plus SC and GC Package - Pokerlistings

Read our Global Poker review to find out how to play for and redeem real money prizes from sweepstakes poker games, and more. Arved Klöhn Pokerjunkie Author May 13, 2022 · 18 min read ShareCopied to clipboard

Is Global Poker legit? How do Global Poker play money games work? These are just some of the questions we’ve been asked over the years and, now, we’ve got the answers. We’re experts when it comes to reviewing real-money poker sites, but this one is unique in that it has worked with sweepstakes since 2016. This is how Global Poker USA circumvents the restrictions placed on online poker. Thus it’s accessible in 49 states (Washington not included). However it’s also available in other regions, such as Canada and many others.

Thanks to sweepstake laws, you can play poker games online. You can use our secure registration link to create an account, collect some credits (known as gold coins), and play a variety of <b><a href=“">poker games</b></a> right now. This can be done without you having to make a deposit. However, what’s unique about this site is that you can also win cash prizes. Our Global Poker review will explain how that’s possible and how to use Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. We highlight the games you can play, and explain how to make payments. So, if you’re ready to learn more about this innovative free play poker site, let’s get started.


Before we dive into the nuances of Global Poker Online, let’s quickly talk about how it works. This is a sweeps site. That means it’s legally allowed to offer free poker games to anyone in the US (except Washington State) and Canada (except Quebec).

Now, there’s an argument that says anyone can play from anywhere in the world because there’s no money at stake. However, this site is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), so it has to abide by certain laws. This means players in countries such as the UK are greeted with a message on the homepage that says, “unavailable in your location.”

Regardless of that fact, this is not exactly a real money online poker site and that means you can’t win cash prizes. So, “Global Poker real money games” aren’t a thing. What you can do, however, is use gold coins to play a variety of cash games and tournaments. Your gold coin balance will be topped up on a daily basis and there is no requirement to purchase coins. However, if you wish to boost your bankroll, you can buy coins.

Alongside gold coins are something known as Global Poker sweeps coins. Sweeps are similar to raffle tickets. You can’t purchase sweeps but they are available in the form of bonuses, incentives, and prizes. The sweeps coins you collect can be used to enter competitions where the top performers win sweeps that can be exchanged for gift certificates and/or cash prizes.


This might be a social gaming site that offers free play poker games, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t promotions aplenty. Indeed, just because you can’t win cash prizes, there’s still value in getting extra chips and that’s exactly what the latest bonus deals provide.

Bonus Code and Payout

The Global Poker sign up bonus is slightly different to what you’ll find at our top-rated real money US poker sites. It’s different because you don’t have to make a deposit. You can buy gold coins, which is different to making deposits. Therefore, the welcome bonus actually sits in its own little category. That category allows the promo team to give you $20 worth of gold coins (5,000 coins) when you create an account. You don’t have to make a purchase and the coins are available to use for any game on the site.

Once we’d verified our new account, a special offer appeared. That offer was a discounted coin package. Instead of paying $40 for 200,000 gold coins, we were able to pay just $20. These offers are optional. However, they’re a great way to get free Global Poker gold coins as a new player.

Global Poker Promotions

There are plenty of Global Poker free money promotions you can get as a verified player. From time to time, you’ll be given Global Poker bonus codes that unlock “hidden” offers. You can also take part in special MTTs, freerolls, or points-based competitions where the top performers get free coins.

There are also rewards for being active. You’ll get 1,000 gold coins and free sweeps (more on sweeps later) with the Global Poker daily bonus. All you have to do is log in on a daily basis. Each day you do that, you’ll receive some extra coins and sweeps.

The final way to get more for less is to make a purchase. We’ve said already that buying gold coins isn’t a necessary condition of using the site. However, there are rewards if you do. For example, if you get one of our exclusive Global Poker codes, you could get free coins when you make a purchase. There are also regular discounts and promotions.

Basically, the more you pay for a package, the bigger the discount will be. For instance, a $2 package gets you 10,000 gold coins. However, if you buy a $5 package, you’ll receive 25,000 coins and unlock four Global Poker free sweeps coins. So, while there’s no requirement to buy coins, there is a lot of value to be gained from doing so.

Loyalty Program

This poker site doesn’t have a loyalty scheme but, as we’ve said, loyalty counts. The daily bonus is only open to players that log in. Therefore, if you’re active, you’ll get more gold coins and, importantly, free sweeps. We say “importantly” because sweeps can be used to take part in promotions where you can win gift certificates and cash prizes.


Gold coins can’t be withdrawn, transferred, or exchanged for cash. What you can do though is use sweeps to win prizes that have some real-world value. Another thing to note is that there are fees (paid in gold coins). The Global Poker rake system mirrors that of the leading real-money online poker sites. That means tournament fees are 10% of the buy-in and cash game pots are raked at 5%. There isn’t a Global Poker rakeback system but, as we’ve said, there are plenty of ways to get more bang for your buck as a loyal customer.

Tournaments and Satellites

The Global Poker tournament schedule contains a mixture of daily MTTs, SNGs, and major festivals. Now, for those of you wondering why you’d want to spend hours grinding in a tournament just to win gold coins, let us draw your attention back to sweeps. Sweeps can be exchanged for prizes that have real-world value and, as we’ll explain, a lot of tournaments allow you to win gold coins and sweeps. That, in our opinion, is what makes these events worth taking part in.

Freerolls and Daily Tournaments

This site caters to all preferences. There are plenty of daily freerolls as well as low stakes MTTs with buy-ins starting at 550 gold coins. At the top end, you can ante up in poker tournaments costing upwards of 220,000 gold coins and pay out prizes worth 25 million coins.

What’s also neat about MTTs is the fact they cover a range of variants. Texas Hold’em tournaments top the bill but you can also play Omaha, Omaha H/L, and Crazy Pineapple freezeouts, rebuys, bounty events, and satellites.

*Note: Some events may require a special freerolls password or tournament password.


For those that want tournament action on demand, the sit and go lobby has plenty of options. Alongside traditional nine-handed, six-max, and heads-up games, you’ll be able to play on tables with three and four players. If that’s not enough, there are multi-table SNGs as well as Jackpot Sit N’ Go games.


When it comes to Global Poker vs Ignition or Global Poker vs Bovada, there are many differences and similarities. One area where all of these sites have something in common is tournament festivals. Even though you can’t win cash prizes, events such as the Grizzly Games Series and the Global Poker GOAT Series offer some great opportunities. As well as being entertaining, these events give you the chance to win stacks of sweeps which, as we know, can be exchanged for cash prizes.


This is ano download poker site, which means you don’t have to worry about installing the Global Poker app on your desktop or mobile. Instead, everything is accessible via the main website. The site is optimized for all devices, so you play via your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. There’s a great selection of cash games and tournaments. Aesthetically, the interface is a little basic, but it’s easy to find what you’re looking for thanks to a series of one-touch filters.

From the simple but efficient lobby, you get to tables that look like a cross between what you’d find on PokerStars and GGPoker. The avatars certainly have shades of GGPoker, and tables appear to be influenced by PokerStars’ software. This is a nice mix. You get a clear view of the action and the styling plays into the casual gaming vibe.


The multi-tabling capabilities of Global’s software are surprisingly impressive. In fact, we think the system in place here is better than you’ll get at many of the leading international and US poker rooms. We say this because everything takes place in a single window. Instead of each table appearing in its own pop-up, games load inside the main interface. That keeps everything neat and compact. Then, as you add more tables, you can choose to view each one in full and move between them using tabs at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can view all the tables at once within the main interface. Overall, it’s a fantastic system and, if you can hone your multi-tabling skills, this is a great way to play more hands per hour.

Mobile App

There’s no app, but the Global Poker mobile site is available on any iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry. This means you don’t need to download an iOS or Global Poker Android app to enjoy hundreds of cash games and tournaments. You just login and play.

No HUDs Policy

There is a no HUD policy here. In fact, all real-time third-party trackers are banned. This means you can’t use products such as Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker to collect live stats on your opponents.


When it comes to competition, there’s no doubt you’ll find easier games here than at established sites like PokerStars and GGPoker. This is purely because you can’t play for real money. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll always win. However, if you’re comparing this poker site to real-money platforms, the competition is a lot weaker. In fact, this is true across the board and not just at the top of the market. Global Poker vs Americas Cardroom comparisons produce the same results.

Even though the level of competition at those real-money gaming sites is weaker than it is at PokerStars et al, they still have better players. So, if you’re looking to hone your skills or simply have some fun, Global Poker is perfect.


Don’t think that, just because this is a free play site, the support system is poor. You can get help and support whenever you need it thanks to a comprehensive FAQ. In fact, as well as giving you answers to common problems, the FAQ walks you through the nuances of the site, gold coins, sweeps, and free play gaming in general.

If the FAQ doesn’t answer your questions, you can use the contact form to send a message to the support team. Customer service agents are on hand 24/7 to respond to emails and you can expect a response within 48 hours.


More than 50% of the players on the site have never made a purchase. So, if you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to. However, if you do want to top up your balance, use the latest Global Poker promo codes, or play for higher stakes, you can make secure purchases.

The process is simple. You go to the “Get Coins” page and select a package. Each package contains a certain number of gold coins and sweeps. The more you’re willing to spend, the better the value. Of course, you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford. However, the Global Poker deposit system is designed to offer more value as you move from $2 packages up to the top packages worth $500.

When it comes to withdrawals, you can’t cashout gold coins. However, if you live in the US (excluding Washington State) or Canada (excluding Quebec), you can redeem sweeps for gift certificates and cash prizes. It’s worth noting that the Global Poker cash out system is slightly different to what you might be used to. However, it’s fairly simple to understand once you realise that all you’re doing is swapping sweeps for prizes.

Global Poker How to Cash Out Guide

Follow the steps below to make a withdrawal:

  1. Go to the “Get Coins” page.
  2. Click on the “Redeem Prize” tab. Note: You’ll need to provide your name and address to complete the verification process if this is your first withdrawal.
  3. Select one of the following: Redeem prize as a gift card or redeem prize as cash.
  4. Gift cards will be sent to you in the mail. Cash requests will be sent to your chosen payment method. As a general rule, all Global Poker payouts are processed within 48 hours. This means you should receive your money within five days. Gift certificates may take longer if they’re sent to you in the mail.

We’re not aware of any Global Poker withdrawal fees and the SC value is 1:1. This means you’ll get $1 for every sweeps coin you win. The “win” part is important here because sweeps you receive from a promotion can’t be withdrawn. You must have to use those sweeps to enter games where you could win cashable credits.


You should hit our Global Poker download button via PLAY HERE above and start playing. There’s no doubt this site is a unique proposition in that it’s a safe sweeps site where you can exchange sweeps prizes for cash prizes. It can’t really be compared to PokerStars et al because it uses a different business model. However, what we can say is that it offers an enjoyable, secure gaming experience.

This poker site is legit because it has an MGA license. This means the Global Poker RNG has been tested and certified as fair. It also means the software is safe and there are plenty of responsible gaming tools.

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