Strip Poker Night at the Inventory by SPNATI

Strip Poker Night at the Inventory by SPNATI

Get lucky, lose clothes, and make friends—all with your favorite characters!

Strip Poker Night at the Inventory may contain content you must be 18+ to view.

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  • How do I win?
    • Unlike regular poker, you’re just aiming to not lose, so going for pairs is your safest option. If you’re dealt a pair, keep it and discard the rest. If you’re dealt a bad hand, throw out everything but the highest card and hope for the best. Check the settings button for an option called Card Suggest, which usually gives good recommendations.
  • How can I help contribute characters to the game?
    • For development and discussion, come visit us at /r/spnati and say hello. All characters are community contributed. Because we use Kisekae for a consistent art style, you do not need to know how to draw to contribute a character; characters who have someone willing to write their dialogue are the ones that end up in the main version of the game.
  • You should add Asami from The Legend of Korra / You should add more My Little Pony characters / You should add more My Hero Academia characters (etc).
    • That’s not a question. However, please feel free follow the links above to see how you can contribute. Requesting that new characters are added will not amount to anything.
  • How else can I help?
    • Tell us what you liked! A volunteer project thrives on positive feedback. Bug reports are also welcome. You can use the bug report button or the character feedback reporter, both available in-game.

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Viewing most recent comments 1 to 40 of 89 · Next page · Last pageBadpiou official8 days agohow do i make a character?

ReplyOman10 days ago(+5)more femboys plz

ReplyDevilsAdvocat6624 days agoSo I’m watching Tharja’s epilogue, and found a rather disturbing coincidence. I actually do have a really bad metal allergy. I haven’t found a metal that I don’t react to yet. Not weird at all haha.

ReplyUmZer025 days ago(+1)Will you update the game by adding more characters?

ReplyMr Pibbles43 days agohow do i see all the sources when picking the charecters? i have it downloaded and am on win 11, i can see more when changing the size of the window, but i cant see the full list?

Replypixel64844 days ago(+1)can you do more with sly i like the character and what you have done with him so far i love the game

ReplyShowtime_Guardian51 days ago(-4)I’m currently waiting for Ragatha and Pomni to be added here

ReplyF1cxo53 days ago(-1)add colette from brawl and waifus from highschool dxd please 🙏🙏🙏

ReplyWillpowet54 days ago(-1)I’m loving this game but tell me why brock and tic are in the game but not any female brawl stars brawler, please add female bs brawlers

Replyorymass54 days agoThe amount of Shade Tharja throws at Lyn is over the top XD

ReplySkyFallsCakes72 days ago(+1)pls traduction of portuguese

ReplyTobi879074 days ago(1 edit)does anyone know how to unlock Slifer the Sky Dragon deck in this game?

Replynattanama75 days ago(+1)i would like to download the game but i don’t understand what do i have to do can somean explean me pleas

Replypixel64881 days agocan you add star fox wolf odonell and both female and male lombaxes owo

Replykoc55690782 days agoHerrscher of the void Will she come?

ReplyDenis2008210482 days agoIs there a downloadable mobile (Android) version?

ReplySolo man84 days agoHmm if there’s Felix where’s astolfo

ReplySucker for Yan bois86 days ago(1 edit)(+1)Fun game i love that Leon is in the game but can Cloud and sephiroth be added into the game please? Maybe even Link?

ReplyParis_Cosmicstars214093 days agowheres ribbon girl?

ReplySPNATI87 days agoRibbon Girl has just returned to the main roster, after a brief stay on testing!

ReplyParis_Cosmicstars214095 days ago(+1)WHY THE FUCK IS NATSUKI IS UNAVAILABLE 🤬

ReplySPNATI94 days ago(+1)You must be mistaken, Natsuki has never been unavailable.

ReplyParis_Cosmicstars214094 days ago(1 edit)(+1)My mistake i was being an idiot and not trying to use other characters

(i’m talking about the scenes btw)

ReplySpeedy08298 days ago(+1)Can you make this downloadable?

ReplySPNATI94 days ago(+1)(-1)Good news! You can already download this game for free from our git repository.

ReplyAmranteel69104 days ago(+1)can you add DC girls plz

Replyfuruya/eze116 days ago(+2)(-1)i wish that either superman, crazy dave (pvz) or batman get added

Replysolo_of_583 days agowhat about heavy from the original night at the inventory

Replyfuruya/eze78 days agoooooh i do like heavy

ReplyAmranteel69124 days ago(+1)(-1)Plz add doctora from akudama drive anime

Replycornoclock129 days ago(+4)could you make it so you can see yourself and customize more plz

Replydumberand130 days ago(+1)i hope the guy making queenie gives her a hairclip collectible.

ReplyAmranteel69130 days ago(+1)2hy their are no sounds

ReplyBishieLabs118 days ago(+4)Use your imagination.

ReplyJelatin15135 days ago(+1)Why can’t i play 1v1?

Replydumberand131 days ago(+1)the devs could add it, but it wouldnt be very interesting.that said i do want it to make certain collectables easier.

ReplySay hi to Galaxy Note137 days ago(+2)(-2)pls add sans from undertale.

Replydumberand131 days ago(+2)sexiest man undead.

ReplyJames ritchings143 days ago(+1)(-2)please add iroha from samurai shodown

Replydumberand148 days ago(+2)to everyone asking for nimona or whoever, it is covered by the FAQ. can you like, not read?

ReplyUgotdoubbled161 days ago(+2)(-3)Please add Nimona

Replygoddessryobi161 days ago(+1)(-2)can you make milim nava please

ReplySashimen162 days agoJoder gente dejen de pedir mas personajes o epilogos ahi mismo dice que todos los personajes y esenarios son hechos por la comunidad, osea si lo quieren dentro del juego tendaran que crearlo usted xd

ReplyOwynm163 days agoCan you make it how if you want you can just have an epilogue in where you had strip poker

ReplyOwynm163 days ago(+2)Add more epilouges for the guy characters and more for the women too

Replyummack165 days ago(+5)make this game downloadable

ReplyOshinoDankMeme147 days ago(+2)It already is.

You can download bundles for the offline version from here:

Follow the instructions on that page to download and set up the offline version. This will allow you to download the entire game and all its files; note that this is a several-GB download thanks to all the character sprites!

Extract all the files, and you’ll have offline SPNatI. Opening config.xml in the main folder (use Notepad) will allow you to change some settings, such as enabling debug mode and unlocking all endings. Open index.html in your browser to play the game

ReplyRogue29124 days ago(+1)I tried this and it is too complicated/possibly broken? to use

ReplyBreezeblaze171 days ago(+11)There are not enough male characters.

ReplyOwynm163 days ago(+2)Yeah

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