Doug Polk's Texas Poker Room is Giving Away $100k to One Random Player

Doug Polk's Texas Poker Room is Giving Away $100k to One Random Player

The Lodge Card Club near Austin has a Texas-sized promotion starting Dec. 1 that will award one lucky customer $100,000 in cold hard cash.

On New Years Day, the largest poker room in the Lone Star State will host a drawing that could change someones life. Or, at the very least, serve as a significant bankroll booster.

How does one enter the contest? Simply by playing poker at The Lodge, co-owned by prominent poker pros Doug Polk, Andrew Neeme, and Brad Owen, any day, at any time, during the month of December.

How to Enter Poker Room Promotion

It doesnt matter if youre in a cash game or tournament, or whether you play in the $1/$3 games or higher stakes. So long as youre in a game and a member of the card club when the hourly drawings take place, you are eligible to win a spot in the grand prize drawing, which will be $100,000 to the winner. Hourly winners will receive a grand prize drawing ticket.

According to Polk, "there are no additional fees" for playing cards at The Lodge during this promotion.

"We do hope that we will offset this cost with increased business, but we are not passing on any additional cost for this to our members," Polk told PokerNews. "

"We want to occasionally offer promotions that make people excited to come play poker," the Upswing Poker founder continued. "Generally speaking, I think promotions do tend to be overused in poker. But I do think they have their place, and as a very large poker room, we have the flexibility to run big promotions like this one."

Its tough to determine odds of winning as the odds are greatly based on how many players are seated in games each hour. Playing during non-peak hours (early morning or early afternoon) will give players a better shot at having their seat drawn than, say, at 8 p.m. on a Friday night.

The 82-table poker club is dubbing the promotion as the biggest in Texas poker history, and that doesnt appear to be hyperbole. In fact, its going to be one of the largest non-bad beat jackpot giveaways any poker room has ever awarded, anywhere.

"I think that too many poker promotions are complicated and hard to follow. This one is easy," Polk said.

The "Lodge Mahal" is widely considered one of the top spots for cash games and tournaments in Texas. When Polk, Neeme, and Owen purchased a stake in the card room nearly two years ago, The Lodge was already established in the Texas market. But it has since grown in popularity, so much so that the club now offers some of the top promotions in poker and hosts the biggest tournaments in the state.

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